Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Happy Birthday Domoto Tsuyoshi

Happy birthday to you Domoto Tsuyoshi. It has been more than three years now I am in this Kinki Kids fandom and I always found you a whole complete mystery, not a complain tough. I like you, everything in you. I like a complete Domoto Tsuyoshi. 
Today, I read a post about you and you know what? It always moved me. It's so glad to know some updates from you. It's a relieve you show your  feelings. Thank you so much for being alive until today. Thank you so much for everything.
If I think again, what was it the thing that make me fall in too deep to you? It was your wonderful stories; the more I know about your stories the deeper I fall for you.
I am so grateful I'm in this fandom for more than three years already, not just because I met many good people here; furthermore, in this Kinki Kids fandom I found a brilliant humane idol like you. Happy birthday to you, wish you a wonderful days ahead. Thank you!

Friday, April 6, 2018

The Shape of Water

Konban Minna!!!
To my surprised I made two update today; really, I surprised myself. Hehehe... I have just watched this movie entitle "The Shape of Water". This is the second movie I watched because of Nakajima Yuto; and blame Yuto to make me update this blog twice today. 
It's late but I just read Yuto's JUMPaper today and on his update he talked so much about this "The shape of water" movie. Since I was so curios what kind of movie Yuto watched, I looked for the movie and here I am; I have just done watching the movie without any skip. 
What I thought about the movie is,  it is a weird romance movie. OK. Not only weird but also an adult movie. If you think Nakajima Yuto is still a cute baby Yuto, hhmm, you have to think about it again. Hehehehe... He is not a baby anymore :)
Back to the movie that I have just watched. Just like what Yuto already described on his JUMPaper update the story line of this movie was about Elisa and the Fish man. Elisa, a mute young lady who work as a cleaning-woman at a secret government laboratory, fell in love with the Fish man she met at the laboratory. Just like Yuto also said, their beautiful love crosses species boundaries. Their beautiful love made Elisa life even more colorful, more alive. Elisa express more emotions out of her monotonous ordinary life.
But, what made me more curios was Yuto's next comment on his JUMPaper, he said, "it reminded me how wonderful romance is". OK. This comment means that Yuto ever had a romance before and he sounded so lonely right now. Ahahahaa... Yuto, dear you need to find your own Elisa too; someone who love you unconditionally. You already have actually, people who love you unconditionally, us, your fans. Hehehe... No. Seriously it is OK if you have your own beloved Elisa too. You have the very right to enjoy your life. It's humane.
Back to the movie; to be honest, for me this movie is too vulgar. Hehehe... Now, I am the one who sound like a baby here. But, really this movie too vulgar for my taste; the director was too bold. You'll find out what  kind of vulgar I mean here once you watched it. 
Lastly, watching a movie whose the actors you are not familiar with, makes you more objective. According to Yuto, not familiar actors made him more focus to the story. As for me, it is not my habit to watch a movie whose the actors was not familiar for me; because I am biased. I love some actors for some reasons. 
Over all, this movie was one of any others happy ending movie.
That's all. 
Off now. 
Bye bee ^^

Our Times

Konban Minna!!
A few days ago I watched a movie entitle "our times". I watched this movie out of my boredom. To my surprise, I like this movie.If you like the light romance drama, you should check this movie out. You'll love it. 
The story began when Lin Cheng-hsin, an huge fan girl of Andy Lau felt so stress out of her daily work but she always pretend to be happy all the ways. But then, she look back to her fan girl diary when she was 18 years old. At that time, the radio was announced that her beloved Andy Lau would hold a concert and played Andy Lau song "Forget love water" and all of these bring back her memories. 
The 18 years old Lin Cheng-hsin was a typically a high scholars girl; she was a real fan girl of Andy Lau. She lived next to school princess Tao Min-min and had a crush on the school prince Ouyang Fei-Fan. Lin Cheng-hsin has two best friends. One day,  Lin Cheng-hsin found a suspicious letter on her drawer. At first she thought it was a love letter but the she knew it was a chain letter with a warning that bad luck would happen to her and her family if she did not passed the letter to five other person. The naive young Lin Cheng-hsin believed it and wrote other chain letter. First letter was for the math teacher, a second letter was for Tao Min-min, her next door. The third letter was for Hsu Tai-yu, the gangster boss of the school. Hsu Tai-yu was hit by a car when he read the letter. As Hsu Tai-yu was a school patrol, it was not hard for him to find the one who sent him the letter.  After found out who was the sender of the letter, out of the blue Hsu Tai-yu made Lin Cheng-hsin as his "friend". He forces her to run errands for him in exchange for leaving Ouyang alone.
Later Lin Cheng-hsin knew that Hsu Tai-yu likes Tao Min-min; then Lin Cheng-hsin and Hsu Tai-yu made some conspiracy to separate  Ouyang from Tao Min-min. This conspiracy they have got them closer. They talked about somethings and become the real friends. Lin Cheng-hsin later knew that Hsu Tai-yu and Ouyang Fei-Fan was a best friends but something happened between them. Hsu Tai-yu was a good student, he even was a member of science honor class, he ever attended  Science Olympiad Competition. Lin Cheng-hsin then become more curios about Hsu Tai-yu. 
Lin Cheng-hsin curiosity made her come to Ouyang Fei-Fan and asked him what was actually happened and changed Hsu Tai-yu's life. Once Lin Cheng-hsin found out what happened to Hsu Tai-yu she decided to make Hsu Tai-yu move on and back to the real Hsu Tai-yu. Since then Hsu Tai-yu's life change, he even help Lin Cheng-hsin with her study. They even forget the main reason of their friendship was separate  Ouyang Fei-Fan from Tao Min-min. But, both of them was too afraid to face their real feeling; until one day Hsu Tai-yu gone. 
I like how the director developed the story line; it was so simple yet so beautiful. This movie was released on 14 August 2015 with US$2.7 million budget and box office for US$81.5 million. Wow!!!
That's all. If you bored you may check this movie and I am sure it will light up your mood :)
My favorite scenes of the movie
"I will make Andy Lau sing for you"
This one when Hsu Tai-yu really make Andy Lau sing for Lin Cheng-hsin
Over all, I love this movie. 
At the end of the movie it was not only Andy Lau was there but we also got  Jerry  Yan as bonuses :)
Jya Bye bee!!!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Haitani Shunpei

Has anybody watched Code Blue 3? Lately I really into this dorama, I like this dorama so much. This Code Blue 3 dorama has a really good storyline which is moved me a lot. As all of us know, Code Blue season 3 actually contained many stories in it; every physicians in this dorama has their own story, their beautiful touching story. One of those stories was Haitani sensei’s story.
It is late, I know; but I really want to write something about the dorama, and this time I want to write about this Haitani sensei. Why Haitani sensei? Because I found me in him; I just like him, clumsy. Haitani sensei was so clumsy, however, he brave enough to face his clumsiness; maybe I am not as good as him. Little Haitani Shunpei once saved by “doctor helicopter team” and this inspired him to be doctor helicopter himself.
Haitani Shunpei was one of three intern physicians in doctor helicopter’s team. In the third episode of Code Blue there were three new fellow physicians joined the emergency team that was Naotori Soma, Yokomine Akari and Haitani Shunpei. Once you saw Haitani sensei, you would realize immediately that Haitani sensei was not as confident as Naotori sensei nor Yokomine sensei the other fellows. Haitani sensei has a bit more nervous than others. Even, he once said that he always start everything a bit late than others out of his hesitation.  
On episode 7, if I am not mistaken, it was when Haitani was hurried the pilot to the accident place (according to the rules the doctor was not supposed to rushed the pilot, it broke the rules) at that time the helicopter was not landed safely and to completed the sad story, one of the patient could not be saved. Because of these event “doctor helicopter” activity was suspended for two weeks and the helicopter’s team who was on duty that day was withdrawn from “doctor helicopter” activity. Haitani sensei was so upset, to himself; he marked himself as a failure doctor, and furthermore he made everybody in trouble. “It was because Haitani sensei was so worried with the patients. Everybody felt it too, the feeling wanted to save the patient as soon as possible” was what Shiraishi sensei said to Haitani sensei when he asked why it was not just him to be blamed; he was the one who rushed the pilot and the accidents happened.
It was one of the hardest moment for Haitani sensei, he doubted his capability as a doctor. He was even trying to commit suicide by jumping from the balcony of the hospital. Thanks to emergency team, Haitani sensei was saved. Since that day, he asked to be withdrawn from the helicopter’s doctor team; he even asked to be moved to other section. Shiraishi sensei, indeed withdrawn him from helicopter’s doctor team but Haitani sensei still in emergency team.
One day Haitani sensei have a talk with Shiraishi sensei, Haitani said, “Because doctor helicopter has helped a lot of people, I want to be a doctor, that’s why I am here. I wonder, will I be?” At that very moment Haitani sensei thought to quit as a doctor. However, Shiraishi sensei told him a story about herself once she was in internship like him; she made mistakes that could not take back. She once thought of quitting being a doctors too. But, at that time she has so many people at her side, not for sympathizing nor saying do your best to her, just there at her side; same situations happened to Haitani sensei, he has friends with him. “At your side there are the same doctors, colleagues that worries too about their own life. There are patients who are grateful to be saved by you. Also, there are medical instructors who looking forward for your growth. That’s me.” Said Shiraishi sensei with a smile. Shiraishi sensei really did a great job as a leader. She was one of the coolest leader ever.
Having supportive fellows and seniors really helping Haitani sensei in facing his clumsiness, his doubted about himself. Those people around him, help him a lot in finding himself. Especially Shiraishi sensei, the team leader, she said, “It is fine to take it slow. Without rushing, with your own pace to be a doctor”. Really, everybody has their own pace in life. Don’t rush yourself with anybody’s pace.
Comeback stronger, Haitani sensei.

Note: some quotes from _yamapi

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


A very belated birthday, 

Birthday always hype me up, no matter what. This year there are so many things that I want to do, I want to achieve; I want to learn more and more, enrich myself with so many experiences, and challenge myself in so many things. 
Happy belated birthday to me ^_______^

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Three years in Kinki Kids Fandom

Happy Anniversary to me!! It has been three years I am in Kinki Kids fandom; I am so grateful that I am here in this fandom, I met so many great people.

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